car insurance increase

Why Did My Car Insurance Premium Go Up for No Reason?

Car Insurance Premium. A yearly payment smart car owners make to buy peace of mind and hassle-free driving experience. Undoubtedly, car insurance has multiple benefits. However, are you keeping an eye on your car insurance premium?

In all likelihood, your mandatory third-party car insurance premium amount has increased in the range of 10-40% every year for the last ten years. (Source: The Economic Times)

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documents for car sell

How You Should Transfer Your Insurance Policy and Other Documents While Selling Your Car

If you are a car owner, the necessity of Car Insurance Policy, especially on Indian roads, cannot be denied. It could be your first car, a second-hand car or even if you own multiple vehicles, all informed and seasoned car users realize how critical a motor insurance policy is. It is a must for a smooth, stress-free and joyful driving experience.

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importance of car insurance


Are you pondering over an idea of buying a new car? Or just felt the need of having Car Insurance!  Well you are diving on a right path as having car insurance can save you from many odds. As William Blake said – Hindsight is wonderful thing but foresight is better, especially when it comes to saving life, or some pain. Car insurance can not only save you from financial odds due to an accident but also helps you eliminate legal liabilities.

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