car insurance increase

Why Did My Car Insurance Premium Go Up for No Reason?

Car Insurance Premium. A yearly payment smart car owners make to buy peace of mind and hassle-free driving experience. Undoubtedly, car insurance has multiple benefits. However, are you keeping an eye on your car insurance premium?

In all likelihood, your mandatory third-party car insurance premium amount has increased in the range of 10-40% every year for the last ten years. (Source: The Economic Times)

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documents for car sell

How You Should Transfer Your Insurance Policy and Other Documents While Selling Your Car

If you are a car owner, the necessity of Car Insurance Policy, especially on Indian roads, cannot be denied. It could be your first car, a second-hand car or even if you own multiple vehicles, all informed and seasoned car users realize how critical a motor insurance policy is. It is a must for a smooth, stress-free and joyful driving experience.

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