importance of car insurance


Are you pondering over an idea of buying a new car? Or just felt the need of having Car Insurance!  Well you are diving on a right path as having car insurance can save you from many odds. As William Blake said – Hindsight is wonderful thing but foresight is better, especially when it comes to saving life, or some pain. Car insurance can not only save you from financial odds due to an accident but also helps you eliminate legal liabilities.

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Puzzled by the Terms in Health Insurance? No Worries!

This is Sania’s story, but it could be anyone of us in her place. Sania needed hospitalization and was advised complete rest. However, she could not rest in spite of having a good health insurance policy. Why? She was clueless when she was asked to pay a percentage of her bill. Instead of taking the much-needed rest she stressed herself by worrying about the payment. The hospital authorities were simply asking for co-payment that was to be paid while availing treatment. The misunderstanding was a clear reflection of the situation: ‘She had not understood the terms of the policy she had bought.’

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Why do Cashless Health Plans work better?

This happened a few years back. Dilip, a professional had to be hospitalized for health issues. The best part of the story is- he was covered under a suitable health plan, so was financially protected, though, at the time he had to pay from his pocket. A twist in the story came when he spent his limited energies and valuable time after the illness in getting the reimbursement for his claim. How he wished for some magic to happen and hospital costs to automatically return to his empty pockets!

Today, this magic is here in the form of cashless hospitalization feature in your health Insurance plan.

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